Where Have All The Leaders Gone

Directed by

Bernardo Marentes


Branded Content


We were absolutely excited when approached by Leadercast, the world's largest leadership summit, to create a video for the 2014 conference. If you aren't familiar, Leadercast is held on one day each year and is broadcast worldwide and into companies such as Apple and Motorola, with over 600 simulcasts in 40 countries. This year, they also feature speakers such as Archbishop Desmond Tutu, former First Lady Laura Bush and Dr. Henry Cloud and describe their content style as epic, elegant and beautiful. Basically, sign us up. We drove the whole creative process with Leadercast, contributing everything from concepting, storyboards and script to the entirety of the production. We shot in a variety of locations across the Southeast with an especially large cast. In this piece, we also incorporated keystone historical audio and video footage with created content to communicate a sense of greatness and timelessness. While the spot was initially intended for a single purpose as an opening video, it earned itself a place as a cornerstone of the campaign for the year.