Directed By

Bernardo Marentes


Alongside the creative team at LGA, we produced a series of personal stories of RSM team-members as they shared their journey into the world of business finance. Each interview provides insight into the value that individuals bring to the RSM team through their unique perspectives and backgrounds.


From the beginning, we knew that we wanted to integrate illustration and animation with live-action interview. The animated imagery would serve to connect the storyteller with the memories they were recounting, so that the viewer can get a visual sense of the unique aspects that make them a distinct asset to the teams that they are a part of. This style of production meant each interview storyline would need to be carefully structured, while also leaving room for organic personal stories to be shared. We based initial illustrations off of comprehensive pre-interviews, which allowed us to develop specific imagery to coincide with each interviewee’s story. Once each interview was captured, we were able to edit the stories together and bring intricate illustrations to life around the footage. The result is a suite of compelling recruitment and marketing videos that each display a different look at the positive values of the team at RSM. Through the blending of animation and live action, we were able to provide a personal look into the qualities that make RSM a powerful collaborator to their clients.