Directed By

Bernardo Marentes


Seagate approached Caravan to help them craft a series of videos that would introduce the world to the upcoming release of their newest hard drive technology: HAMR, Heat Assisted Magnetic Recording. Nothing invigorates our team more than the challenge of taking complex ideas and presenting them in a clear, concise and compelling manner. In this case, we were tasked with presenting enough technical information for our viewer to understand how HAMR works while posing the answer to why HAMR exists by developing a story that would highlight the human side Seagate’s innovation.


We wanted to showcase HAMR’s real-world impact by capturing a variety of situations and people that would be affected by this technology, but we also wanted the technical information to come straight from the mouths of the people that were directly involved in and responsible for the development of HAMR. This led us to a hybrid, Narrative and Documentary, approach. Production spanned over several weeks on both the East and West coasts and the hybrid approach allowed our team to pull from a variety of experiences and workflows. We worked without interview subjects to familiarize ourselves with Seagate’s culture and technological innovations through pre-interviews and research. On the narrative end, we worked to cast talent and locations throughout the country and developed 3D animation of HAMR in action and a plan to marry practical locations and talent with 3D elements to visualize Seagate’s “Datasphere”.


After a rigorous post-production process, we were able to deliver a series of 6 videos that enabled Seagate to share the HAMR story with a broad audience. These videos have been utilized by Seagate throughout a variety of platforms, such as their homepage, Youtube, and internal and external presentations to name a few. We are proud to have been able to craft a series of videos that were able to communicate intricate technological information while at the same time showcasing the human element of the HAMR story.