National Education Association

Reverse Our Thinking

Directed by

Jared Hogan


“A teacher affects eternity; he can never tell where his influence stops.” Henry B Adams


Our team was approached earlier this year by Weber Shandwick to produce a PSA that would spark a conversation centered on the National Education Association and the dire need for greater resources in our public schools.


The team at Weber Shandwick initiated this project by developing a powerful script that charted a written journey through two different outcomes for our education system. This written framework led our team to the concept of displaying those polar visions through a single-take narrative that follows a teacher through the halls of her school. As a result, we would see both the future that we’re headed towards and a hopeful glimpse into what could be. Our goal from the outset of this project was to drive home the disparity between the two futures through careful choreography, production design, lighting, sound, color, and performance. Since the visuals would be presented as a single take, we knew that the key to success would be extensive rehearsals and careful blocking. For us, this project was all about contrast and parallel imagery. We transformed a classroom from cluttered disarray to purposeful organization. A chalkboard covered in frantic notes and half-written assignments became mobile tablets in the hands of students. A teacher working late hours alone transformed to a school filled with kids, eager to learn and greeting that same teacher with energy and warmth. A bleak future was reshaped into the dream of a place where students and teachers could be equipped to achieve and apply a meaningful education.