J. Cole Homecoming



Caravan partnered with Dreamville and Grammy nominated artist J.Cole to produce a feature length documentary for the last show of his ‘2014 Forest Hills Drive’ tour. The show took place in Cole’s hometown of Fayetteville, NC and featured guest appearances by Big Sean, Jeremih, Jay-Z and Drake to name a few. The documentary went on to be purchased by HBO and was featured during primetime television in early 2016.

Press & Awards wrote:

With no marching band and no parade, J. Cole became the first rap artist in 25 years to have an album go platinum without any features with 2014 Forest Hills Drive. After earning the best-selling hip-hop album of 2014 in just one month, the Dreamville chief then took his passion project on the three-act Forest Hills Drive Tour, which hit over $1 million in ticket sales in 2015. To commemorate his wildly-successful run, J. Cole took his journey to HBO with Forest Hills Drive: Homecoming, making his cable TV concert special debut on Saturday night (Jan. 9).

The grand finale, the last show of the concert run in Cole’s native Fayetteville, NC, was prefaced with a mini-series titled Road To Homecoming. Featuring the rollout of 2014 Forest Hills Drive, the Friday Night Lights edition of his Dollar and a Dream tour, and an intimate look at the man behind the music, the four-part doc readied fans for the big night on HBO. Taking a look back at that monumental Aug. 29 night, Forest Hills Drive: Homecoming also includes an up close and personal look at Cole’s beloved “Fayettenam,” and jewels from the rapper as he rides through town.

“I feel like Fayetteville is a microcosm of America, ‘cause you got people struggling and suffering and going through real shit everyday on one side of town, and on the other side of town, you got people who got their own issues and problems too, but they’re totally oblivious to what the other side is going through,” Cole shares.

The epic Forest Hills Drive Tour final show also featured cameos from Drake and Jay Z, but ultimately, the night was a victory lap for Jermaine Cole.

The documentary was featured on Billboard, Forbes, Vibe, HBO, The Verge, Pitchfork & Huffington Post.