Charlotte Regional Visitors Authority


Directed by

Bernardo Marentes




In our experience, the creative process is a journey of discovery.  Every project leads us to new places, relationships, and experiences. For our team, discovery is one of the most fulfilling aspects of filmmaking. This was uniquely true for the Charlotte Tourism campaign that we created alongside Orbital Socket and the Charlotte Regional Visitors Authority. Charlotte is our home city, and this project was a chance to re-discover the town we live and work in.


Through these videos, we sought to show a unique perspective on the many experiences Charlotte has to offer.  From the beginning, we wanted to immerse viewers in the sights and sounds of the city. Each shot interacts with the action on screen, moving along with our characters as we display various settings throughout the Queen City. Beautifully lit food and lively attractions invite the viewer to come and experience the city for themselves.  In post-production, we paired the intentionality of our visuals with realistic sound design, energetic music, and a kinetic editing style. The final product is a culmination of experiences the viewer themselves can seek out the next time they visit the Queen City.