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We’ve been privileged to work with Comporium consistently over the years, and have enjoyed the chance to grow our understanding of their company vision. On a high level, Comporium is a telecommunication provider who offers robust technical capabilities with a personal touch that they’ve prided themselves on from the beginning. One of their strongest assets is a burgeoning local presence. For this commercial campaign, it was our responsibility to present Comporium’s core values through a series of comedic performances in the setting of a small community theatre. This visual symbolism would drive home the idea of excellence in a local and personal setting.


The deliverables for this project were a total of sixteen commercial spots that we would shoot over the course of four production days. Each spot had it’s own unique cast and stage-design, which would come together in the setting of a local theatre performance.  The mantra from the beginning was “produce like theater and shoot like television”. From sets to wardrobe to performances, every element had to feel at home in a theatrical setting. The client asked that the production to be as local as possible. With this in mind, we were able to secure a beautiful theater located in the city of Rock Hill, where Comporium was founded. The entire cast and crew came from the southeast region of the country, which is where Comporium operates. To help bring the vision to life, we worked alongside a local prop house which helped us construct each set from scratch.  It was crucial that each of the performances felt unique and enthusiastic. This translated to an extensive casting process that led us to a carefully chosen cast. The actors were all encouraged to improvise and bring their personal ideas to the scenes. Many of these improvised punch-lines ended up in the final videos as key comedic moments.


Overall, we were able to produce a series of commercials that uniquely serve the vision of Comporium in a light-hearted way. This project was a special opportunity to stretch our comedic muscles as we continue to serve our friends at Comporium in new and exciting ways.