Alternative Investments

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To help spotlight unique aspects of their Alternative Investments fund, Barings approached Caravan to partner in the crafting of a series of art-directed videos that would tell the story of the Private Equity and Real Assets portion of their investment strategy. This fund focuses on maximizing and at times blending Asset-Based Private Equity and Real Assets in eight different specialty sectors, with the videos specifically focusing on Aviation, Wireless Infrastructure, and Music Licensing assets.


The purpose of these videos is to provide information and transparency to the clients of Barings, so that each investor is be able to see the many tangible ways that Barings leverages and manages the assets they take part in on behalf of their clients. From the very beginning, our team sought to grow our knowledge in the investment and fund stewardship philosophies of Barings. As we gained more and more understanding we were amazed to see how Barings partners with their investors and actively manages every asset they take part in growing. We drove this message home by carefully blending informational voiceover with visual storytelling so that engaging content was communicated effectively and clearly to the viewer throughout each video.


This series is just the beginning. These videos will be the first in a series that will spotlight the broader Barings’ Alternative Investments Fund. The finished videos will be used alongside online publications, global conference events, and client presentations all over the world. We’re excited to continue to partner with Barings as we tell stories of the many ways that they bring unique value to their investors.