Songs of Water
The Unknown



“A lot of times as artists and creative people you can plateau when you’re afraid of changing what works. There’s a certain comfort in safety. But I believe the moment you settle for what’s safe is also the moment that you begin to die. Taking that risk and stepping out into the unknown- that’s where true creativity is born. And you may fall flat on your face and hate what you did but if you are true to your experience I don’t think you can fail.”

A note from the Director:

Visual and Audio collaboration has always moved me, and having my path in life cross with the career of Songs of Water has been a beautiful education in looking at the world in a new light. Stephen and the SOW family see musical value in objects that aren’t commonly considered musical instruments. And it’s not because they are looking for pearls; the unconditional nature of their acceptance is because they want the worts and all. The worts give beauty to a wooden toy box turned into a percussion tool, to an ornamental tree turned into a simple xylophone.

I’m so thankful for the last few years spent laughing and learning in community with them. The inspiring nature of what they do and how they live is an important story that I hope they continue to tell for years to come.

On Set